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About us

History and the development of our company is exclusively related to the construction of the giant energy facilities in the Republic of Azerbaijan. «HİDROXÜSUSİTİKİNTİ» Closed Joint Stock Company was founded in 1972 by order of the Ministry of Energy and Electrification of the USSR as “Arpachay Specialized Division” of “GIDROSPETSSTROY” State Corporation for the construction of Arpachay Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1978, “Arpachay Specialized Division” was moved to the Mingachevir city to start the construction of the Azerbaijan State Power Plant and renamed to “Azerbaijan Specialized Division”.

In 1987, related to the construction of Nuclear Power Plant in the Navai settlement of the Hajigabul region of the Republic of Azerbaijan, “Azerbaijan Specialized Division” was moved from Mingachevir to Baku, headquartered in the Yasamal district where it is located to this day.

In 1991 company was registered as Azerbaijan Specialised Division of "GIDROSPETSSTROY" Closed Joint Stock Enterprise.

In 1993, with the decision of the shareholders of the “Azerbaijan Specialized Division” the company was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan as “HİDROXÜSUSİTİKİNTİ” Closed Joint Stock Enterprise and the new name is translation from Russian “Gidrospetsstroy” reflects the history and the main activity of the company.

Specialization of «HİDROXÜSUSİTİKİNTİ» Closed Joint Stock Company is associated with the construction of buildings of special importance and the implementation of special operations. Existing experience, specialists, and technology allow to company to perform in various fields of construction with high quality continually.

The company has a fleet of machinery and equipment, including universal drilling rigs for bored and driven piles, earthmoving equipment, rock drilling rigs, special vehicles for the transportation and short-term storage of explosives. The company has its own warehouse for storing industrial explosives.

The company collaborates with leading engineering companies and manufacturers of equipment, machinery and materials from Turkey, Germany, Czech Republic, Russian Federation, Ukraine, South Korea and Australia.

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